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God loves Color 

Not all tree’s are light green. Not all tree’s are dark green. They are dark, light, and everything in between. That is what God’s creation is all about 😀 He loves different color in his creation and different color of people ❤

Vallecito Lake

Beautiful breathtaking views! It is located 20 miles north-east of Durango Colorado.

In 2002 over 70,000 acres were burned near the city of Durango. Over 4,000 firefighters helped. Fourteen 18 feet tall carvings were made to help tourism to Vallecito Lake.

We stayed at Lone Wolf Cabins. A great place to enjoy a slower pace of life and get some much needed R&R!! So amazing!!

John’s Pass at Madeira Beach Florida

Florida New Years 2016 027Florida New Years 2016 014

A beautiful place to visit!

Florida New Years 2016 020  Florida New Years 2016 056Florida New Years 2016 011Florida New Years 2016 019      Florida New Years 2016 017


Big Spring Cabins, Van Buren, Mo.

Wow!  No TV or Internet.

 So quiet,  that we could hear the leaves fall on the ground.

The  current river was clear.

Jeff and Beth Trip Oct. 2014 037

Big Spring Cabins were built in the 1930’s.  A fire place is inside, and a fire pit is outside.

We grilled dinner outside, and roasted marshmallows inside.

Jeff and Beth Trip Oct. 2014 026

They have no central heat.  So glad we brought an electric heater! 🙂

Sad to say that, the cabins will be closed from 2015-2018.   For renovation safety codes.

Jeff and Beth Trip Oct. 2014 002

Jeff and Beth Trip Oct. 2014 023

In the fall, the colors  are changing. The water is emerald green!

Jeff and Beth Trip Oct. 2014 030

The current river is feed by underground springs. The water is clear, and continually moving.  Most people canoe or raft down the river.

Jeff and Beth Trip Oct. 2014 019

Jeff and Beth Trip Oct. 2014 050

Jeff and Beth Trip Oct. 2014 049

Missouri is a great place to feel young again!! 🙂

Jeff and Beth Trip Oct. 2014 038


Beautiful Country Life

Red Neck close line


I have lived in big cities most of my life. My heart is now swayed toward God’s beautiful land, and sky! I want to enjoy that laid back country feel!

Let your hair down and kick your shoes off!! Listen to this country song! I adore it!

Randy Houser – How Country Feels

Ok! We must fish!!!


So beautiful! Sun set in the country 🙂 


Apple Orchard


Picking apples at Thierbach Orchards & Berry Farm Marthaville, Mo.








Time to make an apple pie, cobbler, and apple salad!  These were the juiciest and best apples I have ever eaten!


Texas Sunset


Amazing sunset in the big Texas sky!

Camping in Style!


Beautiful Lake and Ponds to fish in!


Large jumping pillow


Indoor and outdoor pools


Air conditioned campers 🙂


Great camp fires to BBQ and roast marshmallows!


You can rent boats on the lake and take your picture.


Lost Valley Lake and Resort in Owensville Missouri

St. Louis Missouri Zoo

Memorial Weekend 2013

We had a wonderful time at the zoo!  Me, Jeff,  Noah, Mandy, Lane, Denton, Aaron and Caeden!

The Elephants were throwing dust on there backs.


The Anaconda Snake was huge!!


The Silver Back Gorilla thew bark at us, and pounded his chest!  We were surprised and it was a little scary!!


Water Falls were beautiful!


Here are my grand kids; Lane, Denton, and Caeden. They loved the St. Louis Zoo!!


This was the first time I have seen a real Hippo!  SO Amazing!!


Hyenas are bigger than I thought!


Beautiful tree flowers


Waterfalls were so gorgeous! !


Seals liked attention and loved to show off! I really enjoyed them!


Leamer monkeys jumped from tree to tree!


The train ride was nice to get off our feet! 🙂



Prairie Dogs are entertaining!


Cheetah relaxing



You need to visit the St. Louis Zoo. (click zoo for info.!) It is free admission. Parking is $15 a car.

Fishing at Lincoln Lake, Troy, MO.


This is the small town of Troy.

Am I turning into a country girl yet?  It is a real possibility!  I sure am looking like one!

This is at Cuvier River State Park.   I have lived in the big city of Dallas and then Tulsa.   It has been a real culture shock  to move to a small town, but I am loving this peaceful country life!!  I have not caught a fish yet, but I don’t care because I am enjoying the fresh air, peaceful surroundings,  and scenery!  Wow, what beautiful light blue sky!! 🙂




Beautiful views, wooded areas, wild life, and creeks! 


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