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God loves Color 

Not all tree’s are light green. Not all tree’s are dark green. They are dark, light, and everything in between. That is what God’s creation is all about 😀 He loves different color in his creation and different color of people ❤

Mom’s Poem to Me

Botanical Gardens

I hear you in the corner of

my ear – almost unnoticed.

You play your music so softly

in order to combine earth’s

natural rhythm with yours.

You know your song will be heard

in the cosmos – far beyond time.

There will be dancing and singing

in the galaxy with light waves

and atmospheric sound.

A gathering begins at the rock

concert for all those in harmony.

Earth has been invited to join their

solar band. Will the blue rock be

a star in the show?

published by Bear House Publishing in Harmony In My Head

sent to me by- Barbara Goerdel (my mom)

Faith Poem

New Eyes

Running through the village
embracing everyone she meets,
she laughs in ecstasy.
People call her mad.

“New eyes!” she cries.
“I have been given new eyes!”

And it is true.

Amazing love was shown to her.
For the scales which had previously blinded her
are gone now, erased
revealing such utter glory
that her mind took flight,
leaving only a rapturous heart,
the old life gone, new one taking flight
racing through the streets
on fire with Jesus love.

Free like a humming bird!

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