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Beautiful Makeup

Get your glam on!!! I love makeup!!

First start with a great moisturizer, foundation, and concealer.

Shape your eyebrows, and then pencil in the lines.

Highlight underneath the brows with a white shadow to make them pop. Use eyeliner to give a bold look to your eyes. 

Adding eyeshadow to the eyes, it gives great color and sparkle!!

If you want to be noticed get some false eyelashes!!

Blush to your cheeks will make them glow.

Choose a perfect color for your lips, for shine with a luxurious pop!

Makeup makes you feel sexy and look beautiful!!
























Beautiful Eyebrows

False Eyelashes

Smiley Face Signs

Smiley.svg🙂  smile face : )

😦  sad face : (

😉  wink ; )

😛  tongue out : P

:*  smile with big red lips

:/  crooked mouth

/:D  big smile

:X  blushing

:@  angry

😡  green sour face

(y)  thumbs up yes

(n)  thumbs down no

$)  money

❤  heart

</3  broken heart

:O  oh

😥  cry

:n)  angry no

(smirk)  smirk smile

8/  glasses with a smile

0:)  smile with a halo

8)  sunglasses with smile

l-)  sleep

^^  yawn

:l  straight smile (l is a lower case L)

Country Wedding

Beautiful Country Outdoor Wedding

 Brides maids in yellow

Hay bail seating

 Adorable flower girl

Dance floor in back yard with lights and a DJ.

Project Runway All Stars

I really enjoyed watching the project runway all star styles on Life time this year! I am happy for Mondo Guerra. He really has a great eye for fashion and design! What a fabulous package he won!

All the designers had only 4 days to create a runway collection for the judges. Here is Mondo’s finished looks. I really liked his collection and the models hairstyles! It was impressive to see what the designers did in just 4 days!!

Michael Costello’s ready to be sold style clothes I would wear!  Here is his collection. I would love him to make me a new wardrobe!!

Wow! Austin Scarlett’s wedding dress was so beautiful! His collection had a lot of variety and imagination! Here is his collection.

I enjoy seeing the styles, designs and fabrics the talented designers used! I hope the best for all of them! Thanks Project Runway, lifetime, all the contestants, judges, and all involved for keeping creativity alive for all to see! I will be looking forward to the next project runway series!  See you then!

 Project Runway All Stars 2012

Setting the Table

Make it look Pretty!

Setting a table with pretty dishes, flowers, cloth napkins, and a table-cloth is fun.  It does not have to be expensive!

Sons Graduation Dinner

Easter is a great time to celebrate and get out the spring decorative dishes!  Pastel colors and flowers brighten up the table!

Mom always had a beautiful table.  When I was in the 5th grade she made some parfaits in cute cups!  Get ideas from grandmas pictures!

Fashion with patches


I found some great variety of patches to put on your clothes.  This is a great way to create new designs on clothes.

Designer pockets are now in style!  Design your own for lower cost!

Instructions are easy.  They are on the back of your patches.  Get your patches at hobby stores.  After ironing on patch,  SEW on patch, to insure that it will stay on, when you wash your new stylish clothes.

Here are the two patches I put on a pair of corduroys.

I found some letters too.  So I put it on a shirt.

I also put one on my work bag. To make it look more designer.  Wow how easy!!

Beads and Scarf Fashion

Some scarves have crazy designs that are hard to match with jewelry!  Make your own designs and colors to match your scarves.

Here is a earth tone scarf.  Just mix and match.

Here is a zebra and tiger duo print.  There was a lot to choose from, with the jewelery I had on hand.

This is one of my favorite scarves.  I bought it recently.  I love the colors! I have not worn this one yet, I plan to in the spring.

I found this shirt on a $1 rack at a consignment store; what a find!  When I wear it I get a lot of complements on it.

This blue and green is bright and beautiful.  I have had this scarf for many years, just throw in the wash and add some fabric softener; It will be like new!

Have Fun Creating your own Jewelry!!

My Beaded Jewelry

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