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Vallecito Lake

Beautiful breathtaking views! It is located 20 miles north-east of Durango Colorado.

In 2002 over 70,000 acres were burned near the city of Durango. Over 4,000 firefighters helped. Fourteen 18 feet tall carvings were made to help tourism to Vallecito Lake.

We stayed at Lone Wolf Cabins. A great place to enjoy a slower pace of life and get some much needed R&R!! So amazing!!

Lake Time

Beautiful pictures I took at the lake in the small town of Troy Missouri.

It is 70 degrees in the middle of September 2012; there was a great cool breeze.


  Walking up the trails sure was a challenge.

The forest of trees are filled with flashes of light!

A tree canopy down the winding roads were breathtaking!

Look at this one way bridge it is so filled with character and beauty!

What a great day for a drive at the lake!

Beautiful Rural Troy Missouri

Rustic barns are everywhere in rural Missouri. Owners Ken and Faye


                      Deep wooded areas are a great place to get away from city stress.


This was Joey’s outdoor country wedding reception area, so relaxing.

                                        The toasty gold wheat fields are mesmerizing .

                       Flags lined up in a small town Troy, Missouri cemetery on flag day.

Frenchman’s  Bluff

Beautiful butterflies in the fields of wild flowers

Rare old churches

Many corn fields with the stalks of dark green

The light hit the deep wooded trees just right! Quiver River State Park

Bails of hay are all around.

An abandon white wash barn from the past

Around every turn there are ponds in rural Missouri.

Lakes surrounded by trees to boat and fish in.

Rural Missouri is a great place to live and visit!

Frozen Planet

Here are some pictures I got off the discovery channel from  Greenland, Antarctica, Canada, and different parts of the frozen areas of our planet earth.

Some of the icebergs are miles long and skyscrapers tall.

In these places are the largest  miles of frozen forests.

The winds are so strong in Antarctica that it will form shapes in the ice  and snow.

It is amazing to believe that there is still life in such a frozen place! This sure is the penguins domain, seals, wolves and

the Polar Bear.

Wild life is also in the frozen seas.

Scientists are proving that the ice is shrinking  less every year.

What will happen to our planet in the future?

We are so blessed that God has given us such a beautiful and amazing planet. We need to take care of our spectacular beautiful planet  any way we can!

Unique Forest

So amazing!!

The Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is a unique national forest park located in Zhangjiajie City in northern Hunan Province in the People’s Republic of China.

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