They say only your hairdresser knows.  We know a lot of our clients secrets.

Neck strips and the sound of clippers;
Towel, towels, and more towels!!
Foil and perm rods,
Wax is sticky!!
Nothing is like a fine working hair salon!!
What a pleasure giving women modern beautiful hair styles, cuts; I like handsome groomed men.


Clean stations and relaxing professional shampoos.

Sharp shears and satisfied customers is a hairdressers joy!

Barbers and cosmetologist  working together for one common goal, making money and wanting to make people look and feel there best.
To move forward hairdressers learn the new trends in the hair fashion world.

Well I have worked in 15 salons in the past 30 years.
Wow! I experienced some kindness and drama!
If you stay in the same town people will follow you.
If you move to a new state you have to start your clientele all over again! Waa Waa!
Life in a salon, there are rumors, gossip, laughter, jokes, bad hair cuts, good hair cuts, great hair cuts.  Prayers, compassion, friends, and enemies.

Having no lunch break we would eat a meal in 15 to 10 minutes.
Competition between stylist for space between salon chairs; bumping buns so to speak!
Hair is everywhere; in your shoes, pockets, and bra.
Clients who tip and those who never will.
The smell of different shampoos, remind me of different salons, I worked at.
Greeting clients so they feel welcome! Making sure there comfortable. Offering them a refreshment.
Comfortable shoes are a must for a hair stylist.
Skunky perms; smell like money!!
Some clients weren’t happy no matter what anyone could do!!
Everyone would like you to do their hair for free! 😦 
Make sure you keep your clients phone numbers. Just in case you move to a new shop in town.
Before and after pictures are awesome!
It helps to have a sense of humor!

What kind of hair style would you like today? 

Big hair, crimped, colored, flat, hi- top fade, bun, crop, slide cut, spiked, curly, straight, mushroom, wavy, up, down, fizzy, fried, layered, wedge, bobbed, stacked, one length, gelled flip- front, mullet, pompadour, bouffant, poodle, scrunched, finger waves, wet look, under cut, pixie, bleached, punk, side bangs, tapered, Moe cut, buster brown, dread locks, helmet head, fringe, Caesar, rat-tail, spiral, feathered, corn rolls, retro, rockabilly, weave, comb over, pin curls, wig, afro, shag, pony tail, pin curls, pin up, surfer dude, braid, flat top, mow hawk, crew cut, or maybe just a trim.
We like generous trippers:)
Keep mints on hand.

by -Beth Evenson