I am going to try this.  My son is also.  He has done this diet, and lost 20 lbs.  This diet has it’s pros and cons, of course!  My son lost 20 lb.  This is a low carb. diet.

12 Days on, and 2 days off.  Eat until you are full, of the items.  No snacks in between.

I am also, going to take vitamin supplements, and fish oil.

Drink 8: 8oz. glasses of water a day. I am going to try 4 or 5.  I am going to drink as much water that I can, in between meals.

This is my menu.


1/2 grapefruit

2 eggs cooked any way (I liked boiled)

2 slices of bacon

cup coffee or tea (no sugar) I might put just a touch of sugar and low fat milk.


1/2 grapefruit

Salad or raw vegetables- Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, radishes, green onion,  or coleslaw

Any salad dressing (not low fat) 

Fish or Lunch meat and cheese (more options in link)

Coffee or herbal tea


1/2 grapefruit, or 8 oz. of unsweetened juice

Any meat, cooked any way- chicken,  roast,  hamburger,  pork, fish

Cooked any way- broccoli,  zucchini,  green beans,  spinach

Bed time: 8oz.  skim milk

This diet has more food options, I just chose what I wanted, off the list. For all food options, click on the main link below, for the real diet!

Mayo Clinic Grapefruit Diet

Low Carb Diet Food Chart

Eat more- Lean Meat (all kinds)

Eat more- Green Vegetables

Eat some- All other vegetables (except no- potatoes and corn)

Eat Less- fruit (all kinds)

Eat Less- High fiber breads and grains (except no- white bread, and white rice)

Eat Rarely- Desserts

Clink link below for recipes!

Low Carb Friends Recipe Room