Is it time to get out of the house?

The world is large, vast, and beautiful.  Gods creation is beyond comprehension.  To go and see different places and people is exciting.  A time of adventure; and exploring what’s out there.

Traveling abroad, opens your eyes to see how other people live and eat.

Making plans to go to a far distant land; or just visiting  areas in your own town can be fun and relaxing. A time to get away from the stress of everyday life!

Planning ahead, is the key for having a more pleasurable trip.

Where do you want to go?

Vacation can be a day trip, weekend, or a week or two.

Go alone, with a friend, with family, or with a group.

Plan ahead, be safe, and use money wisely.

Plan what time of the year to go. 

Prepare ahead what you need to pack.

Auto care is important! Check tires, get oil change, & check all fluids.

First aid kit, sun screen, proper clothing for temp.

Bring travel games and toys for the kids


Mission Trips: It can be so fulfilling to give to others!

Long distance Travel:  Visiting places far away from your home.

Close Travel:  city parks,  festivals, caves,  & lakes

Nature: cabins, picnics, camping, hiking, beautiful forests, & exploring

Cruise: ocean & islands

Museums: educational, & interesting

Shows: comedy, plays, sporting events & entertainment

Go by car, plane, train, boat or RV

Don’t forget healthy snacks!