I Use Joico Products

My favorite salon products are made by Joico!  I have used Joico products for 25 years. The products just keep getting better and better! The new color care K-PAK line is wonderful!! It makes the hair feel great and keeps color in longer! I use this on my hair and my clients. It will make you and your hair so HAPPY!!! Give them a try. They are good for your hair and very concentrated, so they last a long time. They are worth the money!

Here are a list of my favorite Joico products I use:

RevitaLuxe Bio-Advanced Restorative Treatment

  • Strengthens hair, making it over 2x more resistant to breakage*
  • Protects against color fade by 94%**
  • Keratin Peptide Complex™:
    º Bio-Mimetic Peptides
    º Keratin Amino Acids
    º Jojoba Oil
    º Aloe Extract
  • I use for a quick powerful conditioning treatment

K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo

  • This color-preserving, reconstructing shampoo gently cleanses hair while improving its elasticity and shine and preventing color loss. Breakthrough QuadraBond Peptide Complex™ restores and protects hair’s natural B-layer, resulting in more vibrant, longer lasting haircolor.

K-PAK Color Therapy Conditioner

  • Hair is nourished and hydrated, leaving it instantly smoother, shinier and more vibrant.
  • With continued use, hair’s strength, elasticity and resiliency are restored.
  • Haircolor is protected from fading that can be caused by environmental stresses and structural damage

K-PAK Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor

  • K-PAK Reconstructor contains the highest amount of Quadramine Complex than any other product in the Joico family.
  • Hair is left shiny, strong and in a healthy, manageable state.
  • K-PAK Reconstructor results in an immediately noticeable difference in strength, texture and appearance.

K-PAK Salon Conditioning Treatment

Get Pre-Conditioning Treatment before and after chemical services.  Once a month get deep conditioning treatment. I charge $15 for this service.

 A good one is Joico 4 step treatment.  I use this at the salon.  Leave each item on hair 3 to 5 minutes.

1. K-PAK  Chelating Shampoo removes build up off hair.

2. K-PAK Cuticle Sealer restores pH balance and smooth-ens the cuticle.

3. K-Pak Reconstruct Treatment rebuilds hair structure.

4. K-Pak Intense Hydration quenches dry damaged hair

Style Products

The hair spray holds well and is not sticky.  The daily detangler is great for long hair that tangles. The moose is very concentrated, you only need a small amount.  Spiker hair glue holds spikes all day. All there products are concentrated and top notch!

Spiker® Water-Resistant Styling Glue

  • This is the real deal.
  • Unparalled performance.
  • Hard core hold.
  • Ability to create any shape, including straight out spikes.
  • Firmest, fiercest hold possible.
  • Protects and maintains style with vitamins catalysts and sea kelp.
  • Milk and honey fragrance.

JoiMist® Firm

  • This firm-hold aerosol spray locks in finished style for all-day hold and support.
  • UV protectants protect against daily environmental stress.
  • An excellent humidity-resistant firm-hold spray that maintains hair    shape throughout the day.

JoiMist® Medium

  • This humidity-resistant, fast-drying working and finishing aerosol spray provides light-to-medium hold while leaving hair shiny and touchable.
  • UV protectants protect against daily environmental stress.
  • Hair is flexible, touchable with all-day support.


  • This alcohol-free, firm-hold designing foam enriched with Kukui nut oil adds incredible shine, body and volume.
  • UV protectants condition and protect against daily environmental stress.
  • Great for all types of hair and styles

Daily Leave-In Detangler

  • Fortified with Quadramine Complex and panthenol, this weightless leave-in detangler protects and adds moisture for an all-day benefit.
  • Delivers protection against thermal styling.
  • Shiny, manageable tangle-free hair that’s full of body and shine.
  • I use for detangler before my hair cuts

K-PAK Liquid Reconstructor

  • This intense leave-in reconstructive liquid protein spray offers fine hair strength, shine and support without added weight.
  • Fine, lifeless hair has restored vitality, strength and elasticity.
  • Clinical results show benefits equal to Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor.
  • I use as a pre-wrap for perms

Joico Color

Professorial color has come a long way.  It is now conditioning to the hair, and last longer and more vibrant in colors.  Browns are richer, blondes are more natural, reds are more bold! Rich beautiful professional hair color! My colors start at $50


  • 3-Defense Technology:™ This breakthrough blend of time-releasedLipids, essential Amino Acids and Bio-mimetic Ceramides softens and smoothes the hair surface while reviving hair’s internal hydrating system to restore youthful Texture, Lustre and Manageability
  • Restores hair’s soft, silky, manageable TEXTURE
  • Revives hair’s LUSTRE and vibrancy
  • Renews hair’s COLOR with exceptional, long-lasting gray coverage
  • Reconstructs hair’s structure for optimal health and condition

Vero K-PAK Color

  • Reconstructs while you color with Quadramine Complex.
  • Six true tonal series to unleash your artistic potential.
  • Delivers the ultimate in healthy, luminous, long-lasting color.

Ask your hair salon professional to try Joico color, and products on your hair. You will see and feel the difference!! Such Great Products! The Best!!