Facials are so good for you and your skin!  It is so relaxing.  It is important to use the best and purist of ingredients. I get products from the health food store and use Nu Skin products.

Facial Benefits

1. Deep Cleanses
2. Exfoliates (takes off dead skin)
3. Increases circulation and detoxifies
4. Relaxes senses, nerves, and muscles
5. Slows premature aging
6. Corrects or alleviates dryness, oiliness and redness
7. Softens wrinkles and aging lines
8. Helps clear up blemishes and minor acne
9. Releases toxins
10. Oxygenates skin tissue

How-to Deep Clean Face

How do you perform a facial?

Facial Steps

Beauty and Style

1. Cleanse skin (soft face brush)
2. Steam towel (analysis and consultation)
3. Exfoliate (scrub pad)
4. Steam towel
5. Extractions if needed (cover eyes , use kleenex
put in triangle wrap around fingers)
6. If extractions cleanse face again
7. Wax (if needed )
8. Steam towel
9. Mask
10. Foot massage with hot towels (put gloves on)
11. Cold cotton on eyes
12. Steam towel
13. Toner
14. Acne med. treatment (if needed)
15. Moisturize
16. Eye cream
17. Sun screen
18. Lip Balm

* When doing extractions spread skin out, mound up,
wiggle gently out. Do not force it will damage skin.

Face Massage

Massage Techniques

1. Efflearage- to rub and stroke

2. Petrissage-  kneading and pinching

3. Topotment-  rapid finger tapping or slapping lightly

4. Shiatsa- finger pressure (temples and sinus)

Tip: Jojoba oil is great for massage!


Facial Product Set Up

Antibacterial Soap
Feet Sanitizer
Foot lotion, oil, and mint gel
Eye cream and coolant
Massage cream and oils
Aromatherapy oils
Acne cream

Taking Care Of Your Skin

Your skin is very Important!

#1 First and foremost is using a great moisturizer for your skin type!! Out of all the skin care for your face this is top  priority!   It does not have to be expensive.

#2 Keeping your skin cleansed and toned without irritating it.

#3 Using a exfoliate to get off dead skin and mask to deep clean pores.

#4 Treatment to keep skin firm: Galvanic and face lift treatment bi-weekly.

Have you ever had a facial?  Facials should be a relaxing and pleasant experience.  After having a facial your face will be renewed, refreshed, and amazingly clean!   Being in a clean lightly lit room with soft music is a delight.  Using steamed towels, and being put in clean soft sheet puts you in the perfect cozy feel.  It is a real treat.  Getting a facial at the salon; and maintaining it at home with good skin care products will give you great results!

Galvanic Treatment:

An awesome for getting deep in the dermis of your skin, to firm and tone ,and promote youthful gene activity.  Age loc lifts the skin, it uses negative and positive charges to get the toxins out and the nutrients deep in the skin, and will not irritate even sensitive skin.   This treatment can be done at the salon or at home on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Results are visible after first use.

Face Lift Treatment:

This has been around for over 20 years and still is one of their best sellers probably because it works so well!   Who would not want a face lift without surgery?   Use this at home or get it done at spa on a regular basis and your face will be trans- formed no matter how many wrinkles you have.   Try it to believe it! It is also low in cost.

My skin is very sensitive most skin care I can not use.

Nu Skin has some of the best products I have ever used!

I am a distributor for Nu Skin ; skin care products; I use it on me and my clients. If you have any questions contact me by e-mail on my About Me page.

They are not overly priced and can be ordered to fit your needs.

Tips: Clean makeup brushes with a mixture of  1/2 water 1/2 vinegar or spray with rubbing alcohol.   Put skin care in plain view on bathroom counter, so you won’t forget to clean your face.

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