Choosing A Hair Cut

We have the freedom to express ourselves with the hairstyles we wear. There are different methods to achieve what you want.  There are  many tools to get the results you desire.

1.  Make sure your stylist is experienced and well educated in this field.

2. Good communication and taking the time for your consultation is a must, in perfecting your style.

3. Having a picture really helps the stylist to know where you are coming from; to make it achievable, so you can get the hairstyle you love.

4. To maintain your style, trim hair before split ends start. It will keep hair healthy.  Having a great cut gives you more confidence.  It is a great feeling!

Hair Styles

What’s in? What do you like?

Some classic cuts never go out of style.

1. A blunt cut can sometimes look boring but sometimes classy!

2. Layered hair gives texture will give movement to the hair.

3. Stacking will give fullness.

4. Slide cutting with a razor around the face is great technique, and gives great shape.

5. Tapering and blending is a must when cutting men and women’s short styles.

6. Make sure your hairdresser checks the hair cut over and over again it ensures an even cut.

7. Detail work at the end of a cut is what gives it the polished factor.

Healthy Hair

Get Pre-Conditioning Treatment before and after chemical services.  Once a month get deep conditioning treatment.

A good one is Joico 4 step treatment.  I use this at the salon.  Leave each item on hair 3 to 5 minutes.

1. Chelating Shampoo removes build up off hair.

2. Cuticle Sealer restores pH balance and smooth-ens the cuticle.

3. K-Pak Reconstruct Treatment rebuilds hair structure.

4. K-Pak Intense Hydration quenches dry damaged hair.

Body and Fullness

Scrunch hair when drying, use voluminous products.  Color and highlighting gives volume. Root boost, thickening products, curling and back combing gives fullness.

Watch out because most volumeizing  products dry out your hair. Don’t use them every day!

Straight Hair

Use smoothing and straightening  products also silk products with a silicone base.  Pull hair straight when blow drying with a round brush and use a straightening iron.

There are some great  permanent  straightening services that are available. Ask your stylist.


Use a stiff gel.  Joico Spiker hair glue works great! Get your hair cut short enough so it will last!

Remove product build up

Chelating and clarifying shampoos helps remove build up off hair from styling products and mineral deposits.

Tip: Another great way to remove build up use 1/4 cup of baking soda and a couple tablespoons of shampoo.  Put in hair for 5 minutes and rinse then condition.


Use moose, gel, lotions, and or  hair spray.  Don’t over use products, it will weight hair down.


Professional color has come a long way.  It is better for the hair now and comes in more vibrant longer lasting colors.

1.  Good color will condition the hair, and will give body and fullness. I use K-Pak Joico color, Redken color gloss, and Matrix highlight bleach.

2. It is absolutely amazing how coloring your hair can change your appearance!  Blending or covering  gray can look natural.  Highlights can be bold or subtle.

3. Get some inspiration and try something new. Get ideas out of magazines, and off the internet; ask your hairdresser to make suggestions.

4. Exploring different options is fun, just make sure you are ready for a change.

5. If you are new to color, it might be better to try a demi- color.  It is great to be able to have the choice to change our hair color!

Mahogany Copper Color with Black underneath!

High lights on red heads look great!!  It takes longer to cut through the red, but after your done it looks spectacular!!

Getting a Up-do

1. Does your hairdresser know how to do an up- do?

2. A picture of what you want is important!

3. Make sure before the wedding or special event you get a hair consultation and a practice appointment, so it will be right for the big day!

Great UpDo!  This is the Maid of Honor.

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