Hi! These are some of my favorite videos!

The Carlton Dance

 Next this is too funny! He is so energetic and full of fun and hip action! One of my faves!


The Race

 The Race- This is a woman who wins a race that really beats the odds! It’s awesome! You have to look at this! So inspirational!

Talking Twin Babies

 This is too Cute!! I love these twin babies! It will make you laugh!

Fraternal Twin Boys

Man with no arms or legs

 This man is Unbelievable!!  What a man of God! He has no legs and no arms and is so full of faith!! I Love Him!!

 Ski Base Jump

 You won’t believe this!! It is unbelievable!!


 8 year old Rhema sings Halleluiah

This is a talented young girl who can sing like an Angel! She is so adorable!

  Talented painter paints Jesus 

This Man is such a talented artist!! He paints upside down! Wow!


Secret ambition music video!

Scarf Ideas

 A bunch of Ideas for you scarf! So COOL! Great ideas!!!!

Eagle hanging out with Cats

 Look at this next video of how this woman gets so close to an eagle! Amazing! The cats don’t realize how they might be a meal!

Look at this wild life video!!

Bald Eagle Image

I will add more when I get the great ones!