Learn Ways to Color, Wax, and Tweeze Your Eyebrows

Coloring your eye brows to complement your hair color can bring a bold and beautiful outcome!

I use Joico color to dye brows a color of your choice!

In a small glass bowl add a drop of desired color, and a drop of 10 vol. developer.  Mix well.  Smear a small amount on a q-tip.  Spread on eyebrows. *USE CAUTION* Protect your eyes from color!  Leave on eyebrows for 15 to 20 minutes.  Remove with warm soapy towel.

When it matches hair color, it will make them look bold and gorgeous!

It will make a fashion difference!!

Waxing Brows

1. Using honey wax to remove hair seems to be less of an irritant.

2. Waxing last a lot longer than plucking or shaving, because it is pulled from its root. Waxing the brows gives a natural eye lift, and will exfoliate the skin.

3. Testing the temperature is a must before applying wax to the skin.

4. Shaping and trimming the brows can make you look so much better, for men too!

5. Aloe cools skin after waxing, and a moisturizer keeps skin soft.

6. It is so important to have good lighting to ensure a good shape for the brows, and so you don’t miss any of the light hairs on the face.

How to Get Perfect Eyebrows

These are the steps I use to wax brows:

1. Cut hair removal strips

2. Cleanse and dry skin

3. Comb brow and trim

4. Put on thin layer of wax

5. Place on strip and rub lightly

6. Make skin tout

7. Pull strip against grain

8. Apply pressure on brow

9. Apply Aloe

10. Moisturize

Eyebrow Proportions

Making the brows look good makes such a difference!!  Wow how cute you can look for a little money!!

Giving your eyebrows a great shape makes your face look so good!!  Having a professionals help makes a difference!!

Do not wax brows if:

1. Have Very sensitive skin, rosacea

2. Sunburn

3. Recent chemical peel, botox, cosmetic, or reconstructive surgery

4. Using skin thinning products

5. Using blood- thinning medication

6. Using strong acne medications


RTÉ.ie Fashion: Use a powder to fill in brows

Tweezing is a method to pull out hair by the root one hair at a time.  If you tweez, it is less painful to do it when you get out of the shower when cuticle is open. Weekly only pluck lightly in between waxing, to get the few strays. Do not go overboard; too much can make holes in your natural eyebrow shape. If you get any holes fill in with a brow pencil until it grows out.

You will need:

1. Great light

2. Magnifying mirror

3. Good set of tweezers so they will do a good job and will last a long time.

It is best when shaping eyebrows, to  go with your natural brow shape.

Once you get a great shape, maintain it weekly by tweezing (lightly) the strays and biweekly wax to clean up all unwanted hair.

Brow Shapes and Looks:

Straight, Curved, and Arched.

What is your choice!!

 Finer line brow– for smaller features. 

2. Natural thicker brow– for athletic and larger features. Like Brooke Shields

3. Well shaped brow– for small deep set eyes. Like Bobbi Brown

Your eye brow shape makes such a difference!!

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