What does Cleansers do to the Skin?

1. Dissolve dirt and makeup

2. Unblock pores

3. Prepares skin for other products

4. Some cleansers have additional ingredients that help with certain  skin conditions.

What do Toners do to the Skin?

1. Remove residue left behind by cleansers

2. Restores skin PH balance after cleansing

3. Temporary tightens

4. Helps skin conditions (depending on ingredients)

What does Exfoliates do to the Skin?

1. It makes skin smoother by removing dead skin

2. Penetrates outer layer of the skin (epidermis)

3. Brings cells to the surface to renew cells

4. Makes application of makeup smoother and easier

5. Stimulates blood flow

What does a Mask do to the Skin?

( Mask picture is niece Kayla)

1. Tighten and tone

2. Draws out impurities out of the pores

3. Clears up blemishes

4. Hydrates and nourishes

5. Rejuvenates, calms, and soothes the skin

What does Moisturizers do for the Skin?

1. Repairs tissue

2. Protects barrier layer

3. Hydrates

There are four formulas:

A. Lotions- water based, lighter

B. Hydrator- attracts water to skin

C. Creams- heavier moisturizer

D. Treatment creams- great for over night when you sleep

Treatment creams for oily skin usually have very little or no emollients.

Sunscreens protect skin from UV rays to protect from sunburn.

Non chemical sunscreens, such as titanium dioxide are physical blocks, that do not irritate the skin so much.

What causes allergic reactions from skin products?

1. Allergens

2. Irritants

3. Fragrances

4. Essential oils

5. Preservatives

If you have any reaction to a product remove quickly with cool water. Nu skin is a great natural choice for great skin!

 Taking care of your skin makes you feel great!  For both woman and men!

What Spa Facial Treatments are right for you?

1. Sensitive Skin Facial- hypoallergenic products, using a lighter touch.

2. Teen Facial- learn new good skin care habits.

3. Acne Facial- using medicated treatments to heal acne.

4. Deep Cleaning Facial- clean black heads and use clay masks to clean deep in pores.

5. Exfoliating Facial- getting off top layer of dead skin.

6. Men’s Facial- relaxing and cleansing with men fragrances.

7. Back Facial- relaxing, softens skin with soothing massage.

8. Oxygen Facial- using products that produce oxygen for vitality.

9. Galvanic Facial- helps improve ingredient absorption and moisture retention.

10. Anti- Aging Facial- reduces wrinkles, tightens skin.

11. Custom Facial- pick and choose treatments.


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