This is a nice dish to make.  I make it with or without meat.  If you don’t use meat put spices in pasta instead.


1/2 lb. hamburger (or no meat)

8 oz. dried fedio pasta (find in ethnic aisle), can use nest pasta, crushed vermicelli or angel hair

1/2 teas.  salt, onion powder, cumin, paprika, and pepper

2 cloves crushed garlic

1/4 cup tomato sauce

1 beef or chicken bullion cube


Brown  hamburger with 1/2 teas. of salt, onion powder, cumin, paprika, and pepper.

Then add crushed garlic cloves.  Sauté until fully cooked; then set aside.

In empty saute pan heat up 2 tbs. oil and saute pasta on medium heat until brown. Watch closely and stir often, it can burn easily. After pasta is  browned add tomato saute stir.

Put a beef or chicken bullion in a cup of water and microwave 1 min., add to pasta.

Then cover just the top with water and simmer until pasta is done; about 7 minutes.

The water will be absorbed.

Then take of burner and cover for 10 min.

Fluff with a fork, add cooked hamburger.

Have with salad and fresh pineapple. Make a fresh salsa to add on top.

Green Salsa

1 cup cilantro, 1/3 cup pickled jalapenos, 1/4 of  small onion, I garlic clove,  juice of 1 lime, dash of salt, sugar, and pepper.

Chop all together in food processor.


made by me-beth