Decorating is an expression of you; it can be a whole house or just one small area. I think it is better to look at everything as a whole, then work at it a small area at a time, to get maximum results.

I have a collection of mix and match blue and white pieces. Use your imagination to decorate.  There are no rules!

Putting the items together helps to see what sizes they are. Taller items should go in the back, and shorter in the front; this enables your pieces to have good views.

Now organize and use your own ideas, or get some  from  a friend.

Then put your ideas in your hutch, curio cabinet, shelf, or on your table.  Displaying the items that you have can look attractive.

My Mom gave me some old mix and match dishes.  It is not a whole set, so I mix them to make a unique antique set up.

This is a top view, to see the different patterns in the dishes.  I don’t always mix unlike things together, but sometimes it really looks stylish!

Happy Decorating!

Use what you have and get good deals at consignment stores.  Shop Smart!  Creativity creates beauty!